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Sant'Alberto Normanno, the Norman of Pietramontecorvino

On May 15th, Pietramontecorvino prepares for the pilgrimage of the Patron Saint Sant’Alberto Normanno, with the setup of colorful banners that will be carried in procession on May 16th. These tree trunks, up to 20 meters long, are adorned with colorful fabrics and carried vertically by the devotees.

The pilgrimage winds for seven kilometers between Pietramontecorvino and Montecorvino, in a journey of devotion, faith, and tradition that unites the three villages born from the diaspora of the inhabitants of ancient Montecorvino: Motta Montecorvino, Pietramontecorvino, and Volturino. The procession, visible from afar thanks to the height of the banners, celebrates an event whose richness goes beyond its religious significance.

Legend has it that 126 years ago, Sant’Alberto appeared in a dream to two women, promising rain in exchange for a penitential pilgrimage to Montecorvino. The Petraioli fulfilled the pilgrimage and were blessed by the promised rain, ensuring eternal devotion to the saint.

Every May 16th, starting from the Church of Maria SS. Assunta, faithful of all ages walk along the dirt path leading to the medieval archaeological site of Montecorvino. Here, at the foot of the majestic tower “Sedia del Diavolo” and among the ruins of the ancient city, the rituals dedicated to Sant’Alberto are celebrated.

"Santa Maria delle Grazie" Feast of Casalvecchio di Puglia

The patronal feast of the arbëreshë village celebrates the oral tradition of a painting depicting the Madonna found in a local well, originating from Gildone, a municipality in Molise. This common devotion to the Virgin of Grace has forged a bond of friendship between the two villages, with reciprocal visits exchanged during their respective celebrations. On the third Sunday of May, Casalvecchio awakens at 7:30 with the explosion of the “Pari dei Mortaretti,” signaling the start of the festivities. At 9:00, the Band parades through the streets of the village, inviting citizens to join the celebrations.

Throughout the day, three religious services are held in honor of the Virgin, culminating in the late afternoon with a procession of the Madonna statue. The festival concludes with musical performances and evening fireworks, making this celebration an unmissable event for both residents and visitors of the region.

Motta Montecorvino Festival

The whole village is adorned with vibrant colors, thanks to the silks and damask drapes that decorate balconies and windows of every house.

On May 6, a solemn mass is celebrated on Mount Sambuco in memory of the miracle performed by the Saint in 1901, when he ended a period of drought.

On August 29, the day begins at 7 am with the firing of mortars signaling the start of the festivities. Subsequently, the sacred mysteries are celebrated and the procession begins, carrying the icon of the Saint, placed on a cart adorned with fragrant flowers, through the streets of the village. The inhabitants follow the route with songs and prayers, accompanied by the alternating sound of bells. In the evening, a light music concert precedes the grand finale of the day with a fireworks display.

"Serritella's Santa Maria" Festival

On the first Sunday of May, the people of Volturino honor their Patron, Maria SS. della Serritella.

The festival dates back to the late 18th century when men and young people, with pairs of oxen or horses, traced furrows that, starting from Serritella, led straight to the church of Volturino. The procession was led by the “cavallereccia“, followed by all the animals adorned for the celebration. It is precisely this traditional custom that is reenacted by the current Tourist Association Pro Loco on the first Sunday of May.

Today, due to technological advancements, elaborately decorated floats can be admired, preceding the statue of the Virgin.

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